We have been successfully working in furniture business since 2006. We design and manufacture customized furniture for various uses; we provide consultations on interior design and guarantee top quality of our complex services.
Kitchen furniture, sliding systems and other home and office furniture predominate among our products.

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Original design and the quality of projects and services are what make SB LINE competitive on the market. We are flexible on economic matters and we can offer a good price deal.
Unrestricted freedom helps the client to interpret ideas, dreams and wishes.

Stylish yet comfortable

Furniture multi-functionality and good aesthetic looks are the key qualities of our age.
Office, home and kitchen furniture offered by SOSTINĖS BALDAI UAB reflects the tendencies of contemporary fashion – aesthetic minimalism and ergonomics.

Our exports

We export our products to Norway, Belarus (we have our representative in Minsk). We also work in partnership with the following EU countries: Latvia (we have a representative in Riga), France (we have a representative in this country), the United Kingdom (we have a representative in London), Luxembourg (we are a VAT payer in this country)

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