UV|LED printing


UV|LED printing

The use of elements with UV-LED printing is a rather common practice in our furniture design.
Thanks to UV-LED printing technology, we can display images on wall panels, linoleum, furniture façades, finishing materials (ceramic tiles, composite panels), interior and exterior doors, sliding doors, as well as cardboard, plastic, wood, ceramics, metal, glass, mirror, styrofoam, etc.
Printing is also available on rigid and flexible surfaces (texture grade up to 3 mm); it enables printing on window blinds, roller blinds, fabric, linen, bamboo, decorative radiator grilles. There is a possibility to change colour intensity. We can offer any customized design – from small to large-scale images – without losing image quality. Printing is available from all known image file types – JPG/ TIF/ BMP/ PSD/ DWG/ HPG/ HGL/ PLT/ PS/ EPS/ 2PS/ FJB.
Elements with UV-LED printing on glass, MDF, MDF+ glossy varnish predominate in our furniture design. It helps us to create certain highlights and to stress the exceptional character of a piece of furniture.  

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UV-LED printing

UV-LED furniture printing

Furniture with UV-LED

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